Aerial Straps Loops Duo

A playful aerial straps duo originally created and performed for Tui Cruises. This is our first venture into duo aerial acrobatics.


Acrobatic Juggling Adagio

Juggling, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, dance. When you have so many skills to use, it's hard to decide what goes where. No matter what we choose, we are more interested in what we aren't doing.


Acrobatic Dance Adagio

A love story in our own way.


Aerial Hoop - Madness

A powerful aerial hoop performance, performed on Tui Cruise's Mein Schiff Hertz as part of the "Love from Las Vegas" show.


Aerial Silks - Tango

One of the many performances of this aerial silks and dancing number.


Solo Diabolo

Aaron's most popular solo number. High energy, modifiable, inclusive, and entertaining.


Group Diabolo

Created with Dragone for the Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya, Turkey.


Beats Antique Juggling

A strange combination of steampunk, dubstep music, and juggling. Not your usual circus and variety entertainment.



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